Sept 20th, 10:30am LA, CA
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Kickstart your opportunities and future employment with our quick, affordable crash-course training workshop.


Engaging and updated information.


Our experts have created a crash course that will get you going in just 1 day


Experience is the mother of all conjectures. We got it.


Put yourself in an ideal situation. Get more opportunities.


This is what some of our atendees have to say about the workshop.

"I compliment you on the excellent training! You covered more than I expected. Thank you for offering the program; it’s worth more than the minimal cost & time I invested. And, I just accepted a job managing a beautiful 30 unit building on the Westside."

N. Allen
Los Angeles, CA

"Yes... I admit I had some initial doubt due to my finding the class on CraigsList... You conduct an excellent workshop."

G. Martinez
Los Angeles, CA

"I liked the hands-on nature of the class. The instructor was personable, knowledgeable and thorough."

J. Tran
Irvine, CA

"The training exceeded my expectations.It was awesome, and I've already had two job offers."

A. Williams
Marina del Rey, CA


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